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Insurance brokers & advisers for Personal, Business and Health Insurance

We can offer you a full and comprehensive range of insurance options to best fit your personal and health insurance needs. We also arrange insurance for business, providing financial protection for individuals and groups in the event that something unexpected were to happen.

Getting the right insurance cover can be tricky, so we work on your behalf with New Zealand’s leading Insurance companies to find you the best deal possible, taking away the hassle of doing it yourself.


Protect the things that matter most with lifestyle protection for
you and your family.

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Protection to keep your business up & running in the event of the loss or temporary loss of key people.

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Travel Insurance

Even the best planned trips can  go wrong. Protect your travels with Travel Insurance

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Scott is very professional and friendly. A great person to deal with and I’d recommend him to anyone. Well done Scott.


The passion Scott has for what he does always reflects how he handles every professional and social encounter – I would and have been recommending those in my circle to switch to Make Insure due to the service Scott provides.


Scott from MakeInsure has made the whole health insurance process so easy. I am not sure why I had not done it before. Scott also fought for a claim I had after it being declined twice and he managed to get it paid! I know Scott has my back and is always contactable for any questions that I have. He explains everything and it is just easy.


Scott has always been available when we’ve needed him He’s very knowledgeable, professional and genuine.


Being a builder I understand the importance of being insured. MakeInsure improved my insurance plan as it hadn’t been reviewed in years! The process was simple, painless & Scott took control of everything for me. I have since referred my work colleagues to MakeInsure.

Jack, Tilley Construction

I was paying so much with my previous insurance broker and a lot with ACC but Scott at MakeInsure got things sorted and now Im paying less and have better cover. Makeinsure have been great to deal with and easy to get hold of!


Working with MakeInsure made the process of getting my insurance in place easy. Scott helped me decide on what types of insurance were best suited to my personal situation. My insurances were put in place quickly & without any issues.

Grant, Smithco Electrical

I didn’t know what types of insurance were out there until I had a chat with the team at MakeInsure. Their experience and expertise in the field definitely made a difference when explaining my personal insurance plan to me, I was actually able to understand what options were out there. I highly recommend MakeInsure.

Matt, Print Room Specialist, Ricoh

I have been living abroad for seven years in a small island community with limited extensive healthcare. I have attempted before to investigate into insurance options and struggled with the process or with finding someone who could cater to my specific needs. Scott made things easy. It was stress-free and the processing time for a tailor-made deal was unbelievably quick.

Shannon, Pharmacy Manager

I hadn’t considered Insurance until speaking to MakeInsure, they really got me thinking about the possibility of something happening and me not having a regular income coming in. Scott made the process of uncovering my needs and applying for my insurance plan simple and easy. I highly recommend dealing with Makeinsure for your Insurance needs.

Russell, DNA Electrical

Scott has been an amazing support for us. His advice, promptness and care is second to none. we are very grateful to have Scott as an adviser with our insurance and would highly recommend him to anyone.

Nigel Abercrombie

About Us

MakeInsure is an Auckland based financial services provider specialising in Insurance

We operate from Milford on Auckland’s North Shore and offer easy to understand professional insurance advice to individuals, families & businesses. Our service is in no way limited to the Auckland region, and we’re more than happy to help you wherever you may be in New Zealand.

Our advice centres around your needs, not the insurance companies. Our goal is to to establish which insurance product best suits those needs to protect you financially in the event that something unexpected were to happen, such as; getting sick or injured, being unable to work, being diagnosed with a critical condition or even passing away.

Our service doesn’t stop with putting the insurance in place, it continues with regular reviews
to make sure that every year – what you have in place is still what you need.

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