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Global travel insurance quotes

There are so many events that can occur during a holiday that is hard to foresee and predict. From natural disasters, plane delays, or to the most recent conundrum of an International pandemic, there are many a spanner in the works that can disrupt your travel itinerary.

The worst and most frightening part of all this is regardless of the “Why?”, it is on the traveller to cover the costs.
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Unless you have Travel Insurance.

Having Travel Insurance ensures you can enjoy your holiday knowing if the unforseen were to occur, you’re covered.

Whether it be minor aggravations like losing your wallet or damaging personal property, or major costs involved with overseas medical care or paying for new flights. Investing in Travel Insurance can prevent the perfect holiday turning into a nightmare.

Delayed flights can mean you miss your connecting flight at the next airport. This one delayed flight can disrupt your entire itinerary, and can leave you stranded. This may also mean you’ll need to book an extra night’s stay.

Travel Insurance can cover these costs.

What would happen if an airline misplaced your luggage? Do you have extra funds to buy new clothes, a new camera, or toiletries?

Travel Insurance can cover these costs.

On a greater scale, are you aware of the costs involved if you needed medical attention or hospital care in other countries? In many countries even a simple A&E visit will cost you literally thousands of dollars.

Travel Insurance can cover these costs.

This year we’ve seen the effects an international pandemic such as Covid-19 has had on the world. Such is the effects a catastrophic event like a natural disaster can have also.

Now imagine being stranded overseas, having to find and pay for short or long-term accommodation? This could mean financial ruin for many.

Travel Insurance can cover these costs.

The price Travel Insurance costs pales greatly in comparison to the cost of the holiday itself, but is the essential safety net needed for all travellers. It will be worth its weight in gold if you need it.

Serving its purpose for both domestic and international travel, be sure to add Travel Insurance to your travel wallet the next time you’re looking to travel.

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