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Why should I consider Insurance?
Every personal situation is different & not all of us have a family or have debt however, the majority of us have a job that earns us an income. Whether it be as an employee or a Director running a business, it is evident that most people want to look after their health. MakeInsure specialise in protecting you from the unknown. Whether it is losing your income due to sickness or injury, having to take time off of work for being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, needing a minor surgery or even needing to see a specialist to confirm what that annoying pain you have been putting up with is as a result of. We all need insurance for a variety of differing reasons & MakeInsure work out what those reasons are to protect you & take away the financial burden in a potentially tough time.
Why work with an insurance broker?
You may have dealt with insurance companies to arrange your own policies in the past, but as experts in the field of insurance we are able to take the stress out the process completely. We’ll save you time and money and ensure the cover you get is exactly what you need.
Do MakeInsure charge fees?
Our service will cost you absolutely nothing. If you decide to proceed with our advice, you pay your insurance premiums directly to the insurance company on the commencement of your policy, and the insurance company then pays us a percentage.
How much insurance should I have?
There is no right answer here as everybody is different. MakeInsure offers a personalised service to assess your needs and what is necessary for you. We also work within your budget and give you options for the most suited insurance plan for you.
What do I have to put in my application form when applying for insurance?
All information – it is very important that all questions are answered to the best of your knowledge accurately. Full disclosure is an important part of your insurance application.
What happens if I need to make changes to my policy?
Contact Makeinsure either via email or phone. We will handle any changes on your behalf.
How do I make a claim?
Each insurance company has a similar process to make a claim. If you need to make a claim, contact MakeInsure via email or phone, we will assist with your claim and act on your behalf.
How long does it take to process a claim?
It depends on what type of claim it is. MakeInsure work to get your claim paid as soon as possible. We work on a 5 – 10day turnaround however, it can be much sooner than this.
Why would my claim be declined?
If you do not disclose all relevant information in your application form or if what you are wanting to claim for does not meet the policy wording definition.
How does being a smoker affect my insurability?
All insurance companies will “load” your premiums for being a smoker. You are still eligible for insurance it just means you will pay more than someone who does not smoke. If you stop smoking for a 12-month period MakeInsure can reduce your premiums if you contact us to let us know you have in fact stopped smoking.
If I already have insurance, can MakeInsure still help?
Yes, we provide a free review of your insurance to make sure what you have in place and are paying for is fit for purpose.

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