Business Insurance

Whether you run a small or large business, it pays to protect your company and your employees.

Why talk to MakeInsure for my business?

The answer is simple really. Every business is run by human beings, whether employed or self-employed, human beings carry the same risk factors when it comes to sickness, injury or death etc. These risks impact the individual but also impact the business operationally and financially should the events transpire.

As an employee, you get paid to turn up to work. Equally, you get paid sick leave for short-term illnesses. If you have to take time off work, it is up to the boss to find cover for you and to make sure the work you normally do is covered. If you are a key employee, hopefully, they have strategies in place to cover the loss to the business if you aren’t there. What happens when you are the business, the key revenue driver, the payroll, the ideas man or women? Who will keep your business going when you can’t work? Who is going to pay your non-income producing support staff?

As a business owner, or key person you are responsible for all of the financial profits and losses of a business. Revenue keeps the business world flowing, but if it stops, the expenses don’t.

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Key Person & Revenue Protection

All businesses should consider the use of insurance to compensate the business for any financial loss or cost suffered because an insured event has occurred with respect to a key person.

Most businesses have insurance cover for assets that may actually depreciate in value; plants, equipment, vehicles, and technologies. But it is the human asset that through an initiative, drive, skill, specialist knowledge and ingenuity that can turn the capital and assets into a profit.

In simple terms, Key People contribute to the daily operations of a business and their loss would have a financial impact on the business entity.

At MakeInsure we work with you and your business to identify where the risks are, who the key people are and what needs to be considered with regards to your key person insurance.

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Debt Protection

Like personal situations, a lot of businesses in New Zealand will an amount of debt, large or small.

At MakeInsure we have access to New Zealand’s leading insurance companies with a various range of insurance benefits that are designed for businesses that can protect that debt in the event of death or disablement.

We can work with your businesses to uncover what the risks are and give you advice on how to best protect it.

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Shareholder Protection

The absence of shareholder agreements in New Zealand companies is a stumbling block that often results in costly disputes over how private companies are valued, run, grown, or even wound-up.

From an Insurance point of view, it is important for MakeInsure to understand how the company is structured, what agreements are in place, and what the intentions are of its directors under certain circumstances.

The main aim of this risk area is to ensure the smooth transfer of ownership or winding-up of the business in the event of a shareholder leaving the business upon death, permanent disability or diagnosis of a critical illness or major trauma.

There are various types of agreements and a business can have multiple agreements in place. For instance, a shareholder agreement and a buy/sell agreement.

At MakeInsure we work with your business to help find the best possible financial protection in the event of death or permanent disablement of a shareholder.

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