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Permanent disability insurance

There are many tragedies in this world we would all like to avoid, but unfortunately we have to face the harsh reality that any one of us can fall victim to a serious injury or illness. This may be severe enough to stop us from working or performing our daily duties every day.

In the unfortunate event you become disabled enough where you cannot work again, Permanent Disablement Insurance will pay the insured a tax-free, lump sum amount during such time.
A happy male and female couple enjoying the view of the sea as the man sits in a wheelchair after receiving permanent disablement insurance
This tax-free, lump sum payment can be used as the insured see’s fit. Often this lump sum is used to pay off any debt of the insured, can be used to help pay for daily living expenses, possible modifications for the home, or even as the start of a trust fund for the family.

At MakeInsure, we take pride in giving honest, expert advice that will help you when you need it the most. One of our trusted advisors will sit down with you to truly understand your needs, both personal and financial, then customise a plan tailor-made for your needs.

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