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Mortgage repayment insurance and cover

For many, the biggest and most constant outgoing bill we face is chipping away at the mortgage.

The mortgage represents the number one physical asset a New Zealander can own. It represents the epitome of what the “Kiwi dream” is, making mortgage repayments a top priority for most.
A happy family of four sitting on a couch with a novelty wooden roof being held up inciting they are covered with mortgage insurance
But if the unforseen were to occur and you couldn’t pay the mortgage, whether it be from illness or becoming disabled or enable to work, how would you cope?

The answer for a lot of New Zealanders is unfortunately selling the house they worked so hard to acquire and keep, albeit not the answer that most would prefer.

By having Mortgage Repayment Insurance in place you won’t need to worry about losing your Kiwi dream. If you become too sick or hurt to work and are unable to meet your regular mortgage repayments, this insurance will cover the cost of your regular payments, securing your home and securing your peace of mind.

At MakeInsure, we will ask the right questions and customise a contingency plan in case you become too incopacitated to make these payments.

Protect the asset in your life that you call home by talking to us today. Let us help you to protect it.

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