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Business debt protection insurance

For many, the Kiwi dream is owning their own business. After working hard and saving as much as possible, it’s near inevitable you will need some sort of business loan to turn that entrepreneurial dream into reality.

Having overhanging debt is always a trigger for stress, highlighting certain financial doom if the debt cannot be paid back. However, this debt doesn’t have to be the reason for stress and sleepless nights.
A boardroom of employees surrounded by paperwork performing business debt protection administration
It’s easy to ascertain the absolute necessity for a business to protect themselves from this debt. Just as easy as foreseeing the financial conundrum not paying this debt will bring.

At MakeInsure we have access to New Zealand’s leading insurance companies with a various range of insurance benefits that are designed for businesses and their owners. We can help protect you and that overhanging debt in the event of the unforseen.

Money owed and recurring bills do not stop, regardless if the business is thriving or barely surviving. If your business is struggling, or day to day operations stop abruptly due to the death or disablement to key members of staff, it’s important to know that this debt can be covered.

We work with you to give you advice on how to best protect yourself if you become victim to the unforseen and unplanned. We’ll highlight to you the risks you face, the threat this debt could impose to you, and more importantly how to safeguard yourself and your business.

Debt and all that that comes with it is a scary thing to fathom, but with the right advice and coverage you can concentrate on the growth and success of your business.

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