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Getting insurance cover shouldn’t be a nightmare

Personal Insurance

MakeInsure offers a full range of comprehensive personal insurance options to best fit you and your family’s needs. We offer financial protection for individuals, businesses and groups in the event that something unexpected were to happen such as; getting sick or injured, being unable to work and being diagnosed with a critical condition or even passing away. We provide you with options from all of New Zealand’s leading Insurance Companies and we aim to take the hassle away from having to do it yourself.

See below more information on what benefits we offer.

Life Insurance

Most of us have heard of Life Insurance.

Unfortunately there are many of us who may not fully grasp the ramifications your death will have on your loved one’s.

Health Insurance

Many of us go to the GP when we’re unwell, expecting medications and rest to be handed to us.

But how would you react if you were advised you needed further testing that wasn’t subsidised or paid for by the Government?

Travel Insurance

There are so many events that can occur during a holiday that is hard to foresee and predict. From natural disasters, plane delays, or to the most recent conundrum of an International pandemic, there are many a spanner in the works that can disrupt your travel itinerary.

Mortgage Repayment Insurance

For many, the biggest and most constant outgoing bill we face is chipping away at the mortgage.

The mortgage represents the number one physical asset a New Zealander can own. It represents the epitome of what the “Kiwi dream” is, making mortgage repayments a top priority for most.

Disability Income Protection

The most valuable asset we each have in this life is not the house, nor is it the business or your car. The most valuable asset we encompass is the ability to earn an income.

The income we earn provides the freedom of being independent, and provides the lifestyle we have by paying for our wants and needs.

Trauma Insurance

When a family gets hit with the news a loved one has been diagnosed with a major illness, it has a severe emotional impact on everyone.

What we often don’t see coming is the financial strain this causes.

Permanent Disablement Insurance

There are many tragedies in this world we would all like to avoid, but unfortunately we have to face the harsh reality that any one of us can fall victim to a serious injury or illness. This may be severe enough to stop us from working or performing our daily duties every day.

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