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Last week I went to the GP for the first time in a long time…

The reason I hadn’t been or hadn’t bothered to go, was because I hadn’t needed to. The colds I got I fought through, the viral or bacterial infections that I contracted, I just slept off, sweated out, and got over, so why would I need to bother going to the GP?

Working in the insurance industry, I have learned a lot about how the industry works; what to do and what not to do. I have knowledge and an in-depth understanding of underwriting; processes; regulations; compliance; relationships; rapport building; negotiating, and of course helping people.

From my experience, there are a lot of people who are unable to get cover for insurance, of whom can get cover but are subject to exclusions, loadings and terms that in some cases are unacceptable due to previous and/or current health issues. Woman are generally good with getting themselves checked and visiting their doctor regularly, and as result are better at keeping on top of things, whereas us men are generally useless.

My visit to the Doctor was purely to a check up and ensure that all is in order. I had a standard medical as well as blood pressure testing, and I also had some generic blood tests which included cholesterol, PSA, lymph’s, thyroid, diabetes, and liver function to name a few… It was worthwhile as unbeknown to me, my liver function and cholesterol came back as high results.

As a result of this, I have been able to use natural ways to get those levels back to a normal readings to ensure that everything is functioning the way it should be.

I am taking B-Complex vitamins in conjunction with eating healthier, as well as taking a break from drinking alcohol for a while. This is to help my liver rejuvenate, and to ensure that my cholesterol levels get back into a more normal range. A change in my diet as well as my intake of Fish Oil & Natural Garlic supplements should assist with this too.

My point here is that If I didn’t bother checking, I would have never known about these high readings/levels until potentially more serious symptoms kicked In.

Get in early, get yourself checked out!

Make sure you have a Health Insurance Policy in place as these will cover you for any necessary specialist consultations or testing. MakeInsure can help with this, talk to us today.