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We often get asked why people would choose to use an insurance broker over just going to a life insurance company direct or just taking out insurance at a bank. There are a number of reasons but here are our top 4:

  • We provide you with options

We have access to all major life & health insurance companies in New Zealand. This gives us the ability to give you are range of product information, pricing, and insurance company detail in our recommendations that a bank and insurance company will NOT. In short, we work hard to find the best plan for you.

  • We work for you upfront

The most important aspect when taking out insurance is having the reassurance that your policy will actually cover you if/when you need it. We work upfront to make sure you are given the best insurance terms possible for you- this is something that we discuss prior to the insurance policy being put in place. We will regularly review your insurance which means that your policy keeps up to speed with your life, and we can make the changes that suit your circumstances at any given stage.

  • We manage your claims

We manage ALL claims on your behalf. This means we do all of the hard work and liaise directly with your insurance company to ensure that you get what you have been paying for. This is when you need us most and claim time really shows you the true value of insurance.

  • Our service is FREE!

Yes that’s right, using an insurance broker is 100% free. You will not pay a cent to us and we do not charge fees.

Let MakeInsure do the work for you; let us help you; let’s sit down and we’ll show you how it is done!