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The importance of health insurance and its’ value to you

It is hard for us to understand the true value of health insurance because it is not tangible and we cannot physically put it into a perspective that we can visibly measure. However, your health is the most valuable thing you have, your health gives you your life, and so preparing for the things you cannot control is equally as important as taking care of yourself.

ACC doesn’t cover all health issues

You may not realise but there are many health issues that are not covered by ACC and so when the unexpected happens and you are faced with complications, this can cause you thousands of dollars! Health Insurance covers you from head to toe so that you can be reassured that even as you get older and the likely occurs, your cover remains the same and you have financial backing as well as treatment options that can get you well.

Faster & easier to access treatment

New Zealand’s public health system can be a long and painful process and unfortunately it can be frustrating when dealing with this unpredictable system when your health is stake. Health insurance gives you access to faster treatment and ensures that you can get on top of your health problem sooner.

Removal of financial worry

With the absence of health insurance, associated healthcare costs can quickly add up but with health insurance you can get the treatment you need without the financial worry.

Early cover, more cover

The older we get it becomes more inevitable that our health may see complications or issues, having health insurance early means that you have no exclusions existing that can prevent any kind of cover for you.

At MakeInsure we are helping clients see the value of insurance in their lives and more importantly, we make it easy for you to claim when you need to and we are there for you every step of the way.